Land Surfer - stunt scooter - pink camo design

The new stylish design of the Landsurfer stunt scooter is designed with performing tricks in mind.

With a 360° rotating deck reinforced with a flat rail plate, a large number of tricks can be performed with ease in the skate park.
A lightweight (3.2 kg) and robust tubular frame provides the agility needed in the skate park, with added strength to provide safety and support when landing tricks, kicks or jumps.

A new 5cm 4-bolt construction strengthens the connection between deck and handlebars, making for an all-round stronger scooter.

100mm microspeed polyurethane wheels provide a smooth, consistent ride while cruising and the flexibility to absorb heavy impacts when landing jumps and tricks.


The Landsurfer has all the features and build quality needed for the skate park and is an ideal intro or advanced scooter for those looking to expand their range of tricks, kicks, jumps, grinds and slides.

Available in different designs and supplied in a presentation packaging with handle.

– With heel brake
– Height: 78cm
– Length: 65cm
– Basic width: 10 cm
– Weight: 3.2 kg
– Maximum load: 100 kg
– Age: 8+