Boppi - expansion pack wooden marble run - seesaw

Boppi expansion pack - seesaw & paddle wheel
This extension package for the Boppi wooden marble runs comes with a seesaw and a rotating paddle wheel to add extra movement and activities to all packages (starter / advanced / jumbo).

Contents: The expansion pack comes with 7 extra parts and 6 marbles: 1 seesaw section, 1 drawbridge, 1 rotating paddle wheel, 4 connecting pieces and 6 colored glass marbles.

About the Boppi marble runs:
Think - Build - Create - Play:
​Develop playful learning in children as they discover the possibilities for building structures on the marble track! STEM toys.

Multiple structures possible:
Create different structures with different routes for the marbles using the directional adapters, curved and straight rails and spiral drops. All connecting elements of the marble runs fit together, making it possible to create a wide range of different structures. Endless fun.

Eco friendly marble track:
This marble track is made with wood, bamboo fibers and 100% recycled plastic. Enjoy this eco-friendly marble track every day where the marbles move smoothly over the track and the fun never stops.


Each marble track expansion pack can be added as an extra fun element to any of the Boppi marble track packs:
Boppi starter package (48 pieces + 12 marbles)
Boppi advances package (89 pieces + 16 marbles)
Boppi Jumbo package (138 pieces + 24 marbles).
Boppi expansion pack - music elements
Boppi expansion pack - seesaw & paddle wheel
Boppi expansion pack - with track switches

All Boppi marble runs can be built and constructed in multiple ways and configurations.