For many years Spiderman has been a super hero favorite. He is the “first super hero “allowed” into homes”, trusted by parents because of his friendly, colourful style and limited violence. 4WRD brings some unique accessories of Spiderman to the market like tablet cases and powerbanks.

Finding Dory welcomes back everyone’s favorite forgetful blue tang Dory, who’s living happily in the reef with Marlin and Nemo. Finding Dory is one of the most successful animation movies of all times. We  have some great items available like tablet cases and phone covers.

Ever since the release in 2013 Frozen has been an instant hit story. Everyone knows the movie and/or the famous songs like “Let it go”. The movie is popular with parents, kids and grandparents. 4WRD has some some great tablet cases availble for all the fans out there.

Everyone loves the Minions. They are impulsive creatures with little self-control, but with a wide-eyed wonder and odd innocence that endears them to viewers and makes them so highly adorable. 4WRD distributes several unique Minions phone covers with great designs and high quality.

Pop Power is the new kid on the block. Trendy designed & packaged cables that have one mission…stand up against all the boring black & white cables that are out there. The unique Pop Power cables come with great designs inspired by the Pop Culture.