Drakkar - pc pro gaming headset - Ragnarok Evo

Drakkar pc gaming headsets

With Drakkar you have precise, sharp and accessible “weapons” with which you can face your opponents and achieve victory! Gaming headsets, keyboards, mice, controllers... discover our essential accessories for PC gamers looking for the best products at the best price.

Total immersion
With its 50mm speakers, enjoy intense and immersive gaming sessions with quality 7.1 sound. Thick ear pads provide perfect isolation from outside noise, and the omnidirectional microphone will communicate with your teammates with true-to-life sound.

Comfort and ergonomics guaranteed
Thanks to its thick ear pads and sturdy frame, the headset is designed to be as comfortable as possible for long periods of use. The headband adjusts easily and offers great comfort. The sound can be adjusted on the dedicated remote control for maximum ergonomics.

An elegant finish
The Ragnarok EVO’s sleek, uncluttered design and striking red backlighting ensure that you look good in any situation.


Simple and ergonomic
With its sober and refined design and its beautiful led-lighting, the Ragnarok guarantees your style in all circumstances. The headset connects easily via USB.

Dimensions: +/- 23cm x 21cm x 10cm.
Weight: +/- 350gr
Drivers: 50mm
USB Plug & Play
Cable length: 2 meters
Frequency 20kHz / 20 Hz
Volume: +/- 110dB