Mythics - Xbox Series X/S - accessories pack

The Mythics product line is designed for console gamers. Mythics products focus on three core values that are the heart and soul of the brand: performance, accessibility and comfort. Mythics offers a wide range of products for every gaming need, for every type of gamer.

Optimize your next-gen experience. This pack has all the accessories you need to get started with Xbox Series X/S.

A pack of must-have accessories
A Nemesis gaming headset designed to stay comfortable after long hours of gaming. Its faithful reproduction of bass and treble greatly enhances the feeling of immersion in the game. It has 1.5m cable and a volume of 110dB.

The charging cable that lets you play and charge at the same time with a USB data cable (3 meters) from type A to type C. 

The high-performance NiMH rechargeable battery kit and its LED charge indication will be very useful for your controller. 

In addition, the silicone protection and textured grips as well as a pair of joystick caps will give extra grip during your games.


Contents of the pack:
1x Nemesis gaming headset
1x charging cable
1x play & charge kit
1x silicone skin + grips