Just be - fitness hula hoop (purple)

Item No.: 0B6-73C-598

This uniquely designed hula hoop fitness ring from Just be is a weighted, ribbed exercise ring that can get the body into better condition by: • strengthening the core muscles • improving posture and flexibility • achieving weight loss and fat burning • stimulating blood circulation.

With a short daily workout, the fitness ring can help you get your body in top shape. The hoop uses its own weight plus the movement of your waist to burn fat and achieve a slimmer waist.
A soft EVA outer foam coating provides comfort, while a lightweight reinforced inner ring provides a safe and comfortable feeling during the workout.


With an easy-clip 6-piece assembly, this hoop can also be easily transported for use on holiday, in the park or at the gym. When used regularly, the hoop can help improve posture by strengthening the core muscles. Because the core muscles are located in the abdomen and mid to lower back, they will benefit greatly from the movement and activity that the fitness ring provides.

The specially designed weighted ridges in the hoop will also strain these muscles a little harder, giving the core muscles more benefit and strength with regular use. Hula hoop weight: 1.5 kg (blue) Hula hoop diameter: 1 meter