iClever - HS14 - junior headphones (black/blue)

Discover the iClever headphones which are specifically designed for kids. We have numerous designs for all kids, wired & bluetooth. All our headphones have great designs and fantastic features to enjoy music, video, calls, games or can be used for e-learning. 

Children's ears are sensitive to loud sounds and you don't want them turning the volume up and ruining their hearing! Hence choose the 85dB volume limiter for daily use. If the child is in a noisy environment like car or airplane, please adjust the limiter to 94dB for crystal clear sound.

Equipped with a gorgeous MIC, the kid’s headset is perfect for online courses and voice calls. Whatever device you have with a 3.5 mm aux input, the headphones will work just fine, such as Chromebook, Kindle Fire, Switch, iPad, Smartphone, Study Tablet, Laptop and more.

The iClever children's headphones are built with enough durability to stand being squished in the bag, dropped and more. Cushioned with plush, vegan leather, the lightweight plastic frame is flexible to fit a variety of head sizes while also being tough to break. Foldability makes iClever children's headphones more portable and easier to store.

Kids will delight in the powerful sound put out by the dual Sound Stage drivers on these stereo headphones. You can be sure they'll have clean and pure sound, as well as soft, hypoallergenic ear cushions so they can listen for hours in complete comfort. 


Pillow-soft earmuffs, thicken covered headband and swiveling ear cups make it more durable and comfortable, and the earmuffs are made of memory-protein material.

Built-in Microphone
85/94dB Volume Limited Hearing Protection
Premium Stereo Sound
Foldable Lightweight headphone
Adjustable Headband
Untangled Wires
Pillow-soft Earmuffs
Universal Compatibility