iClever - BTH12 - wireless junior headphones (black)

Discover the iClever headphones which are specifically designed for kids. We have numerous designs for all kids, wired & bluetooth. All our headphones have great designs and fantastic features to enjoy music, video, calls, games or can be used for e-learning. 

Caring for Kids Hearing
Depending on the setting they're in and the volume levels of the environment, we created 3 different volume settings for your child, from normal mode (74dB), to learning mode (85dB) and travel mode (94dB). One setting for every situation!

4 Colorful Lighting Modes
Not only do these kids headphones give great audio, but they also have the added feature of coming with LED lights that have multiple effects, light modes and colors on both sides of the headset. Four light modes are controlled by one independent button, which, when pressed in bluetooth mode, will turns off the lights for battery savings.

Never Stop Playing
It's practically nonstop music! Providing up to 40 hours of in-ear jams, the long-lasting battery also has an intelligent quick-charge function which will get you up and running in no time (10 minutes charge to get 4 hours play time). You can also use the included 3.5mm cable for traditional wired listening with infinite playtime.

A Useful Tool for Learning and Listening to Music
In the car on the way to school, running errands, or on the go, the iClever children's headphones are the perfect companion for your kids anyplace they go. Enjoy Bluetooth 5.0 technology with the iClever wireless headphones for a super-stable connection. One button controls play, pause and end and answer phone calls. The built-in microphone on these kids bluetooth headphones gives hands-free freedom for studying, homework, being in class or playtime.


Adjustable Headband sliders and synthetic protein ear cushions allow for personalized fit, provides a welcome comfort on your ears for all day listening. We've designed iClever Bluetooth kids headphones for traveling with portability in mind - they'll fold up nice and small for easier transport. Durable headband outlasts yanks, drops, and years of use and abuse.

74/85/94dB Volume Limited Hearing Protection.
Built-in Microphone.
Over-Ear Design.
Colorful RGB LED Lights.
40 Hours Playtime.
Both Wireless and Wired Mode.
USB C Fast Charging.
Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity. Range 10m.
Foldable Lightweight design.
Adjustable Headband.
Share Function.
Pillow-soft Earmuffs for extra comfort.
Premium Stereo Sound.
Hands-Free Calls.